Match Calculator India

MCI technology was developed for the following reasons

  • Instant compatibility results based on your attributes and traits just with the date of birth.
  • Know all about your partners attributes or traits before you even start, such as sexual desire/libido level, empathy level, will power, emotional, decision making ability, work ethics and level of pride.
  • To help avoid time, counselling, conflict, misfortune, separation, divorce and domestic violence resulting in children going astray.
  • Matching people with their perfect partner.
  • Making happy homes.
  • No more Astrologers, Numerologist or pundits needed for match making.

Direction of use

Enter your date of birth FREE to test technology accuracy and to find out all about your attributes and traits, upon satisfaction sign in and only then one can enter potential partners D.O.B to find your most compatible matches in 3 different results (1st, 2nd & 3rd most compatible match) before you start.

How to find Potential partners

Look up free sites like Tinder, matrimonial proposals, socializing etc; once you get the D.O.B of a person you like then use MCI technology to check your instant compatibility and further then decide to move ahead in the relation. No name, photo or profession needed.

How does MCI technology work for compatibility?

There are numbers from 1-9 in a D.O.B; these numbers are grouped into 4 different colours. In numerology all 2 digit and 4 digit numbers are converted into single digital numbers. MCI technology further creates your D.O.B into a sequence (A+B+C=D) of colours that stores all the data.

For example: born on the 27-06-1957

(A) Day + (B) Month + (C) Year = (D) Total
27 + 06 + 1957 = Total
9 + 6 + 4 = 1

Each colour in your D.O.B describes different levels of all your attributes and traits such as your sexual desire/libido, emotional level, empathy level, will power level, decision making ability, work ethics and level of pride. Note: People having similar colours in their D.O.B sequence tend to have similar attributes and traits and that’s how MCI technology creates achieves close to 100% accuracy. It is when these attributes and traits are unbalanced in a relation, there is very high risk of conflict, separation, divorce and domestic violence therefore it is very important for these colours to match for a successful compatible relation.

Are people born on the same day alike?

NO – Only if their date of birth (Day, Month & year) falls in the same sequence as explained in the technology invented will have similar matching attributes and traits born anywhere in the world.

Note: Some twins who appear to be alike in many ways could differ in characteristics depending on health issues and many other factors that come into play.

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